The House

Daring,a family trait

Daring to achieve the unthinkable. Breaking new ground. Now proudly presiding over the Champagne House established by their father in 1985, for Garance and Stanislas Thiénot, their every move is guided by the single-minded pursuit of cultivating its intrinsic spirit. For a number of years now, they have each breathed new life into its development. Each with their unique sensibilities and grounding, they conquer seemingly distant horizons, create new openings and dialogue, and form previously untapped alliances. With their contemporary perspective, they innovate and dare, working in synergy with the Chief Winemaker.

A familyin the broadest sense

The consistency of style is reliably assured by Nicolas Uriel, Chief Winemaker since 2017. Doubly-qualified as both agronomist and oenologist, Nicolas came on board in 2008, to oversee grower relations. He is now responsible for all winemaking decisions, assembles the blends and manages stocks and production. This is a strategic role within any Champagne House, and even more so at Thiénot, where more than half the grapes are sourced from their own vineyard holdings, in premier and grand cru sites located on the historic hillsides of Champagne.

To perpetuate the enduring identity of Champagne Thiénot, retaining the aromatic clarity of the wines is paramount. From the very outset, in a bid to keep the crunchy berries whole and preserve the grapes’ organoleptic character, Alain Thiénot fitted out the winery with temperature-controlled stainless-steel tanks, which while commonplace today, was testament at the time to his pioneering vision and skill.
The historic headquarters of the family House are located in Rue des Moissons, a unique location in the centre of Reims. Here, Stanislas and Garance often greet clients in the kitchen of their family home, and serve delicious home-cooking. And far from the lively chatter, deep underground, 2 kilometres of cellars protect the precious bottles, matured horizontally on ‘lattes’, for up to 16 years for the vintage champagnes.